I step back in time whenever I visit La Milpa.

On trips back home from D.C. my parents always stopped by Stuckey's.  I remember there was stuff all over the walls that you could buy and take home as gifts. One thing they had was the Pecan Rolls. Do you remember the Pecan Rolls?  I guess todays version of Stuckey's is Crackerbarrel.  But in our Mexican community, you have LA MILPA.

David James

My name is Martin Gonzalez and I was born in Mexico City, and I am here to serve you.

With Popotillo Art, you can create anything that your imagination can think of and magically take you to the most remote parts of Mexico!

Martin Gonzalez


Aztec Calendar




Mexican Celebrations


In making a decision on what Mexican celebrations to cover, we decided to base it around what Mexican Cultural events had been performed at LA MILPA.  We plan for the site to be a learning experience for those who visit us.  Learning requires research, and that is what we want you to do.  On the internet there are to be found different styles of writing, and what suits one individual may not suit another.  There is so much written about these celebrations with wonderful photos that show you in great detail what these celebrations entail.  We invite you to search the celebrations that you will see in the videos below.  You can begin your research by visiting the links we have included which will take you to Wikipedia.

Dia de La Virgen de Guadalupe

Dia de los Muertos

Las Mananitas

Las Posadas


     Dia de los Muertos 





           Las Mananitas 


          Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe


         Las Posadas