I step back in time whenever I visit La Milpa.

On trips back home from D.C. my parents always stopped by Stuckey's.  I remember there was stuff all over the walls that you could buy and take home as gifts. One thing they had was the Pecan Rolls. Do you remember the Pecan Rolls?  I guess todays version of Stuckey's is Crackerbarrel.  But in our Mexican community, you have LA MILPA.

David James

My name is Martin Gonzalez and I was born in Mexico City, and I am here to serve you.

With Popotillo Art, you can create anything that your imagination can think of and magically take you to the most remote parts of Mexico!

Martin Gonzalez


Aztec Calendar




Mexican Market



La Milpa Mexican Restaurant  6925 Hull Street Rd.  Richmond, VA 23224  (804) 276-3391

Open 24 hours  -  7 days a week

La Milpa makes their own hard and soft shells from scratch, as well as homemade bread daily.  Believe me it's fantastic!  The bread cabinet is on your left as you enter the store.  Don't forget to get some before you leave - you won't be disappointed in the least!  Much of the bread is made with corn meal, which will only add to your enjoyment.  My wife and I run out of this bread quickly because we like it so much! 

La Milpa is not just a place to eat, it's a small market and gift shop.  In the market section there are canned and boxed items, a cold cabinet of meats and cheeses, spices, fruit, yucca, to name a few.  The gift shop area is everywhere: masks, flower pots, leather cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and a large assortment of piñatas.

Toward the market area of the store you can find an assortment of Dia de los Muertos miniature figures.  These decorations are used during Dia de los Muertos festivities.  There are videos on this website that explain this celebration.



Below is Martin Gonzalez photographed by Otway.  Please take an opportunity and visit Otway's site!    




     Our Mexican Market   



      Pinatas from LA MILPA